Yes that is Devina DeDiva which hurt the entire Filipinos.

According to her facebook status she directly dropped the word MAIDS to describe Megan Young and the Filipinos.

But wait, did you noticed her picture? No, not her… the background.

Some background, according to her facebook page, she is studying or studied or maybe enrolled in Manchester University. YES she is from your school!



Dear manchester university,
At this time, one of your students is now being bashed online because of her so called exercise of freedom of expression. She acknowledged herself as one of your students and her action was very ignorant, racist, insulting and insensitve to the Filipinos and clearly a bad example to your institution.

Anyway, back to devina,  i was amazed how people gathered pictures of her which only means her facebook is on public status.





A taste of Filipino. Its more fun in the Philippines.
Maybe we are a poor country, but for sure even local housekeepers/maids here are more educated than you. With breeding and knows how to respect individuals.

Another thing, maids here have their own business which makes you poorer than them. They have only one job, and once becomes jobless, they can still survive for more than a year. Unlike you…. pag walang trabaho, foreclosed lahat kinabukasan!!!!


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