Blood Stained Singaporean

Posted: June 13, 2014 in cyberbully
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Read: http://bloodxxxxx>ghshhdvh (link removed5.html

God said “Do unto others what you want others do unto you.”

The link above is an article/ blog suggesting what Filipinos should do to (some) Singaporeans while they are staying in the infested country — Singapore. The blog impliedly created the 5 point guide on how the Filipinos should react to Singaporeans. In that case, i would like to call the following:

1. Sigue-sigue Gang
2. Sputnik Gang
3. Oxo
4. Mga Batang City Jail
5. Followers of Kuratong Baleleng
6. Salisi Gang
7. Active members of Akyat bahay Gang
8. Ativan Gang
9. Sputnik Gang
(Source: Yahoo)

to show our sincere love they have given to Filipinos.

However, let’s do this through largely “peaceful”, with some criminal acts but would fall under justifying and exempting circumstances of the revised penal code (if committed in PH). I recommend following ways:

1. Reject and Eject

If you encounter a Pinoy waiter/waitress or customer service officer, and a Singaporean telling this: ” Could you kindly ask a Singaporean staff to speak to me? Your standard of English-there is much left to be desired” and ” Your English sucks, capisce? Get the fuck out of my uncaring face and find me someone else pronto.” – Kumuha ng balisong at ingudngod sa lamesa. Simple lang diba? Tawagan ang immigration at ipadeport… pero sampahan muna ng kaso, para makulong ng isang oras man lang para magahasa ng mga preso.

2. Step on ’em, push or shove’em

Singaprean will do this: When the Peenoise get rowdy or obviously do not observe basic social decorum, a little “nudge” in the right direction won’t harm. Just make it look accidental. Pump your fist in victory later when they are out of your sight. We understand sometimes they just don’t get it, so a little more force must be employed. Like what this unsung hero did: This morning at Bishan Circle Line MRT I pushed a Pinoy out of the train before door closes.

Filipinos: Retaliate, push the Singaporean in the railway tracks as your life was put in danger. NOT JUST OUTSIDE THE DOOR, but along the railroad tracks. If they do it along the road, push him along Edsa or Expressway.

3. If you think Singaporeans will create an artistic mess on the plate when dining at Jolibee
Or any other Filipino themed restaurant/ food outlet. Serve food mixed with illegal or prohibited drugs. Plant the evidence in his body and call the police afterwards. Don’t forget to ask for the bill and he must pay in cash.

4. Since they will never render help when Filipinos are involved in serious traffic accidents, lets just stand on the side with arms folded across your chest, peering curiously at the bloody setpiece. NEVER CALL THE AMBULANCE. LET the thieves get his belongings while he is dying. Take selfies with caption harshtag #itsmorefuntodieinthephilippines, .

5. Instead of Praying for a flood of biblical proportions to descend upon in Singapore, let us just pray for their souls… remember we have Filipino nationals in SG, we do not want Filipinos die in their infested country.

Go to the nearest church and pray. Pray hard for divine intervention aloud. Make sure God (and the Pinoy sitting next to you on the same bench) hears every word.

They do not have island hopping or good beaches so in case you see a singaporean drowing in our beaches, Let’s just watch them drown and donate their body in our medical schools.

6. No Bonus point. The end. (I edited his article, the english may not sound good but you are free to comment and correct my grammar)


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