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…Our Politicians who used the super typhoon as their chance to enhance their name.


We have a president who used the typhoon to make revenge. (Tacloban is the province of their family enemy), and who is also known for “noy-noying locally” now went “globally.”

We have a Vice President who gave away reliefs with his name on it. Whose wife with a case for graft and corruption. 

We have our cabinet members and officials who cannot admit their shortcomings and with questionable credibility.

We have our DILG Secretary who wanted to become a President.

We have our lawmakers  who are more concerned of unjustly enriching themselves at the expense of people’s lives.

We have  our Judiciary whose reputation are tainted with untruthfulness.

We have the local media and can be considered unreliable, bias and corrupt.

We have the religious sectors who bash each other  at the expense of insulting the dead.

We have the business sectors trying to abused employees and circumvent the labor laws.

We have the voters who kept on selling their votes and voting the wrong ones.

We have the people, wealth, pride and freedom but was misused and abused.

If we can no longer smile, we Filipinos will vanish by collective suicide.